2012 toyota Corolla S

2012 Toyota Corolla S: The Toyota Corolla small car is stuck in the sluggish lane as its competition zooms by. The updates it got for the 2009 model year and again for 2011 haven't been enough to keep pace in this promptly progressing sector.

From its dull driving experience and also aging inside to its subpar gas mileage, the 2011 Corolla can't match exactly what its competitors deals. We tested a top-level 2011 Corolla S with an as-tested price of $20,855.

2012 Toyota Corolla S

Ride & Handling

Historically, among the Corolla's much better qualities has actually been its fairly comfy ride that's well-suited to day-to-day travelling. That wasn't the situation with the S design I checked, whose trip quality is more detailed to the Kia Specialty's taut adjusting. The suspension sends also minor sidewalk imperfections to the cabin, while larger bumps produce a noisy shock. The harsh flight and also significant road noise remember an earlier age, when compact vehicles compromised improvement for affordable car.

The Corolla's body activities are fairly well-controlled when cornering, however unlike the redesigned Emphasis and the Mazda3, the cars and truck has no cravings for enjoyable. Its numb guiding is just one of the greatest perpetrators; there's no feel for what's occurring down at the front tires. I want to drive, yet the Corolla did more to moisten my excitement for it than any type of car I have actually been in lately.

Going & Ending

None of the current crop of small autos is particularly quick, but most of them can keep pace with fast-moving city web traffic. The Corolla can, as well, yet there were times when the four-speed automatic's tailoring made the automobile feel slow-moving. The larger problem, however, is a lack of drivetrain improvement-- an area where competitors like the Elantra as well as Cruze have elevated bench significantly.

The 1.8-liter four-cylinder is a rugged little engine that you always listen to, yet which never ever seems excellent. The automated does one-gear kickdowns with appropriate speed, however if you need a two-gear downshift be prepared to wait a moment for the transmission making the selection-- and also for the additional engine sound that accompanies it.

Perhaps the oddest element of the Corolla driving experience is the cars and truck's tendency to rise a little while trying to maintain a stable speed (without utilizing cruise ship control). It wasn't a single thing, either, as I can always rely on it taking place during my commute when circumnavigating 50 miles per hour. Whether it's caused by an overly delicate gas pedal or something else, it's the kind of thing that could drive you insane on a road trip. The only various other vehicle I have actually driven that exhibited comparable behavior was a Mercury Milan Crossbreed I reviewed a couple of years ago.

The Corolla has actually long been a fuel-sipping option in the compact segment, however its EPA-estimated gas mileage has been fairly constant for the past few years, while the competitors has actually seen huge enhancements. The 2011 Elantra is ranked 29/40 mpg city/highway, and routine versions of the automatic-equipped 2012 Civic are rated 28/39 mpg. The automatic Corolla, on the other hand, gets exactly what now feels like a dull 26/34 mpg.

Like the guiding tuning, the Corolla's mushy brake pedal is partially in charge of the automobile's plain feel.

Cabin Roominess & Style

The chauffeur's seat includes a height change, however I never ever located an ideal driving position due to the fact that the guiding wheel didn't tilt reduced sufficient for me. And also, the relaxing area for your left foot is incredibly little-- my foot was frequently gliding off it-- and also unpleasant. Among our editors believed the chauffeur's seat didn't move back much enough, either.

A snug backseat is quite common for the small sector, and also the Corolla is no exemption. My knees were pressed right into the motorist's seat, which fortunately didn't have any plastic support. The rear seat does not use much thigh assistance, either. I'm 6-foot-1, which is a challenging test for a small, but the Corolla's rear seat appears tighter than most.

Compared with the 2011 Elantra or 2012 Focus, the Corolla's conservatively styled interior looks bland. Still, all the critical controls are attentively set up as well as within very easy reach when driving. That stated, the cabin has several top quality shortcomings-- and only a few exceptional characteristics.

Perhaps the biggest culprit is the air-conditioning controls, which are composed largely of three large dials that turn with a sloppiness not generally seen in a contemporary cars and truck. Every single time you change the temperature level, fan speed or airflow instructions, you'll be advised exactly how crude these controls are.

The cabin also has a fair bit of tough plastic on the top door trim as well as armrests, so no matter where you relax your left arm, it possibly won't discover a cushioned surface area. There are additionally harsh coatings on the minimally cushioned center armrest that further decrease the feeling of quality, as well as the urethane steering wheel on our high-level S trim felt out of put on a $20,000-plus car.

On the flip side, the optional stereo in our examination cars and truck showed lots of track info on its display, it had actually well damped switches and it included a Bluetooth streaming audio function.


The 2011 Corolla is an Insurance Coverage Institute for Highway Security Top Security Select. It obtained the top overall score-- Excellent-- in the IIHS' front, side, rear as well as roof-strength examinations, and it has a common digital security system. Nonetheless, in the National Highway Traffic Security Management's side-impact crash test, the Corolla received just two from 5 star.

Additional typical security functions consist of antilock brakes, side-impact air bags for the front seats, side curtain airbags, front energetic head restraints, as well as a brake override system.

Corolla out there
In the '90s, GM's and also Ford's cars and truck companies languished while the car manufacturers chased profits from SUVs, a strategy that alienated auto consumers. It seems Toyota really did not find out by their instance, since in the past couple of years the Corolla has actually been ignored.

It's still a top-seller, but I believe much of that success is driven by the vehicle's credibility, in contrast to where it truly ranks in the small sector today. Consumers willing to take a look at the Hyundai Elantra, as an example, will certainly find a car that's even more fun to drive, has better interior high quality as well as gets better gas mileage.

GM is building competitive cars and trucks these days, however it's still combating to lose adverse consumer understandings. The Corolla appears to be riding on the goodwill it's accumulated for many years, however reality will catch up with it ultimately. If that occurs prior to Toyota undertakes a serious effort to revamp the vehicle, the car manufacturer is mosting likely to have an issue on its hands.