My Car Value

Your car is depreciating at all times, and you possibly have little idea of its well worth Inning accordance with Option, Australian vehicles depreciate (typically) 14% every year for the first 3 years. My Car Value: That means a cars and truck that sets you back $30,000 will deserve less than $20,000 in simply a few years!

The bright side is that it's easy to discover. If you're planning to sell your car, gone through our car appraisal list to find out just what you're 'resting on'.

- Just what is my car worth?
- Exactly what influences my car's value?

My Car Value

How you can establish just what your car deserves

The most effective means to determine what your car deserves is to utilize an on-line value estimator (like Redbook). It'll give a totally free evaluation of a vehicle's worth based upon the make, version and year of manufacture. The price quote doesn't think about where you're selling the car, as it will certainly cost a different price, based upon local demand. For instance, a 4 × 4 could be much more searched for in backwoods than in metropolitan centres, which could impact its value.

This tool does not account for your vehicle's certain mileage, but instead gives a quote based upon the ordinary amount of kilometres the car has actually most likely taken a trip. It does reveal you the worth of several of your bonus, like GPS as well as leather seats.

Ultimately, it'll tell you the sell as well as exclusive price you'll likely fetch in-market. It is very important to comprehend, however, exactly how this rate is affected by the little things. With that in mind, we have actually endeavoured to note those functions and extras that impact the final worth of your car.

What influences your car's worth?

It is necessary to bear in mind that a variety of elements add to your car's value. To customise your estimate, take into consideration the following 9 things.


The age of your vehicle makes a large difference to your car's value. Usually, age lowers your car's worth. However, some classic cars can increase in value in time.

Make & model

According to Cars Guide, popular models have the tendency to hold their value, and are stronger sellers in the used market. As well as while there's never a guarantee that your car will hold its value, sticking with among Australia's favourites could be a safe bet.


Normally, automatics are extra costly to purchase new, which helps fend off depreciation. Nevertheless, for some sports, off-road or classic automobiles, a manual transmission could be worth more.


It may appear evident, but generally the much more gas mileage on your vehicle, the reduced its value. Greater gas mileage implies greater deterioration on your vehicle's parts.

As an example, the Australian Bureau of Stats notes the average car takes a trip 14,000 kilometres each year. If your car racks up greater than this, its worth might be lower than the average (although this isn't always the case).


The colour of your car can claim a lot concerning you, and also makes a difference to your car's worth. Inning accordance with, common colours could cause quick sales as a result of greater need.

In addition, bolder colours may draw in higher costs, however it may take longer to locate a customer. This is specifically real for cars.

Condition (e.g. exterior, interior and mechanical)

The problem of your car's inside is crucial. Things like smoking, claw marks from pet dogs, as well as sticky fingers all break down the within your car and also reduce its worth.

However it's not only exactly what's on the inside that counts! Dents, scratches, corrosion places and also more on the car's outside are also most likely to lower your its worth. Ultimately, see to it you service the car and maintain a logbook. It paints a clear photo to future customers that your vehicle was well-looked after.

Non-standard attributes

Does your car have heated seats, automated headlights, inbuilt GPS, or extra security functions? These could enhance the worth of your vehicle, so keep them in mind when evaluating your car, especially if they're not supplied as standard.

The car's background

If your vehicle has been crossed out in the past, or if it's had severe panel repair services, it'll show up in a VIN (car identification number)/ REVS (monetary encumbrances) check. On the flipside, buyers will favour automobiles without background.

Aftermarket things

Custom additionals like:

- chrome wheels.
- superchargers.
- aftermarket spoilers.
- bull bars.
- snorkels as well as break winches.

... might be important to you, yet will not necessarily add monetary worth to your car. A combination of all the above aspects will have a remarkable effect on your vehicle's resale worth.