2007 toyota Highlander

2007 Toyota Highlander: An upgraded Highlander arrives this summertime. It will feature the effective as well as affordable 3.5-liter V6 shown to various other Toyota versions. The third-row seat was designed in from the outset this moment, and also need to provide even more room. The previous-generation was powered by a smooth 3.3-liter V6 that returned 19 mpg generally in our tests, while the Hybrid obtained 22. It was quiet and polished, with a comfy ride, easy-to-use controls, as well as good fit as well as finish. Access is simple as well as the back seat is really spacious, yet the optional third-row seat is for youngsters only. Handling is sound and also safe and secure, though it is not specifically nimble.

2007 Toyota Highlander

Practice run

This variation of the Toyota Highlander Hybrid was our top-rated midsized SUV as well as among the only lorries in its class to earn an excellent total rating in our examinations. It is an example of the then-new wave of hybrid automobiles using gas/electric powertrains to increase engine performance along with gas economic climate. The outcome was considerably quicker velocity, paired with cleaner exhausts as well as a modest rise in gas economic climate when compared with their traditional versions. Highlander Hybrid's 22-mpg was among the very best we would certainly seen in a midsized SUV up to that point. Generally, the Highlander Crossbreed offers an inviting mix of performance, fuel economy, comfort, and functions, but it comes at a greater cost.


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