Toyota Camry 2013 Price

In many types, the Camry is a quiet, smooth-riding sedan with couple of delights or problems, yet the 2013 SE with an uplevel V-6 showed just the Camry's defects - Toyota Camry 2013 Price.

The Camry was completely redesigned for the 2012 version year as well as continues to be reasonably unmodified for 2013. You could check out an evaluation of the 2012 four-cylinder as well as other trim levels here.

Toyota Camry 2013 Price


At the heart of the sport-tuned SE is a 268-horsepower, 3.5-liter V-6 engine that provides power incredibly efficiently as well as relatively quietly via a six-speed transmission. Charging up highway on-ramps and passing at high speeds are non-events with this much power on tap. However, in a style just like just what we experienced in the 178-hp four-cylinder, the front tires can break loose under hard velocity subsequently maneuvers.

Both most significant differences between the Camry four-cylinders we have actually checked in the past and also this SE are the noticeable gas mileage fine and also the unusual sacrifice in ride quality.

The four-cylinder Camry is ranked 25/35/28 mpg city/highway/combined. That's behind the revamped 2013 Honda Accord's 27/36/30 mpg, while both lag behind the likewise just recently upgraded 2013 Nissan Altima's 27/38/31 mpg.

Going up to the V-6 choice in any one of these three effects mileage considerably, with the Camry going down to 21/31/25 mpg. The V-6 Accord is ranked 21/34/25, as well as the Altima is 22/31/25 mpg.

Subjectively, our editors have constantly discovered the Camry to offer a peaceful and comfy trip that must attract travelers and also road-trippers alike. In our $26,000 Midsize Car Obstacle (see the outcomes), courts scored the automobile well for its ride across the board, while other contenders had inconsistent outcomes.

The SE model tries to deliver a stylish driving experience that is certainly not present in other Camry models we have actually evaluated. The handling and guiding are slightly sharper here, however there was still that tire-slip concern. Additionally, a great deal of trip convenience is compromised in the name of sportiness-- a sacrifice I do not believe Camry consumers will wish to make.

Over freeway development joints, the SE's suspension delivered noticable shocks that came to be a severe aggravation on my commute. The 18-inch alloy wheels didn't aid matters. They're basic on the SE V-6, while 17s are common on both the four-cylinder SE as well as the XLE V-6.


As the competitors warms up, Toyota locates itself encountering not simply Honda as well as Nissan, but also considerable entrances from Hyundai, Kia, Ford and Mazda. All generate remarkable midsize cars, particularly in regards to their interiors.

Some, like the Altima as well as Hyundai Sonata, use a similar level of comfort as the Camry, while the brand-new Accord, Ford Blend and also Mazda6 supply upscale interiors that the Camry can not compete with.

The previous-generation Camry's interior held up over time as one of the classiest in the segment, yet the upgraded design appeared economical to a lot of us at the outset. That's not an excellent sign in an environment where Honda needed to upgrade its last Civic a year after a complete redesign thanks to similar sentiment.

The issue does not stem from the controls or layout, yet mainly making use of varied textures along the dashboard, doors, armrests and various other areas that are frequently touched by proprietors and stared after by all.

They feel somewhat squishy to the touch and look way too much like plastic to the eye. Even some stitching methods that attempt to be high end fail here. My partner, upon entering our $32,090 Camry test car (with choices and destination), asked if she was in the Corolla, the Toyota small sedan that starts at half that cost.

The Camry still provides a roomy cabin that is comfortable for the chauffeur as well as guests. Both guest and also trunk volume-- 102.7 cubic feet and also 15.4 cubic feet, specifically-- remain in line with the remainder of the class.


The Camry is furnished with a standard suite of air bags and is a Top Safety Choose by the Insurance Institute for Freeway Safety. It additionally made a luxury total safety and security score from the National Highway Traffic Safety Management.

In a recent Safety seat Check by's accredited installers, the Camry racked up well for fitting all sorts of child-safety seats in different settings, along with for ease of setup. You could find all the safety-related features right here.

Camry on the market

As a four-cylinder with great deals of comfort as well as area, the Camry is still a vehicle to recommend. There are just much more rivals today that additionally necessitate a close look, regardless of what type of flight a consumer wants in a midsize car.

In its most performance-oriented version, however, the Camry is not real to just what has actually made it such a prominent vehicle and yet cannot provide all right on the pledge of thrills.